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Serving the residents and students of the Niagara Falls, Lewiston, and surrounding areas. 



Delivering a true barbering experience, NBCO offers more than just a great haircut!



Providing high quality services with the convenience and efficiency clients desire.

Meet The barbers

Brad Inzinga


Brad was born and raised in Rochester, NY. He decided to attend Niagara University in 2013, where he graduated with a business degree in May of 2017. During his 4 years at NU, Brad earned a reputation as the "dorm-room barber" and built up a sizable clientele of students. 

Upon graduation from Niagara, Brad decided to further his craft by attending the Buffalo School of Barbering. It was here where Brad learned that being a barber is about more than just cutting hair and knowing how to use a straight-edge razor. He studied proper sanitation, equipment maintenance, barber etiquette, massage & color theory, as well as several aspects relating to the profession. 

After completing the required 600 hour course and passing the NYS Barber Licensing exam;  Brad purchased two commercial properties on Hyde Park Blvd, one of which he opened as Niagara  Barber Co. in May 2018, shortly after his 23rd birthday. 

Darin Mort


Darin is the 4th generation of Mort's to be born and raised in Niagara Falls, and is now a proud father to his son Jaxson. He graduated from Niagara Falls High School in 2008, and then worked in a factory for 8 years, before deciding to make barbering a full-time career.

Darin was always intrigued with the art and profession of barbering. As a kid he regularly spent his time in the local barbershops. Darin decided to take his interest one step further by attending the Buffalo School of Barbering to learn the craft and pursue his license. It was here where he met Brad, and learned of his plan for opening a new barbershop in his hometown.

Darin has been with Niagara Barber Co. since day one. He has used his connections and knowledge of the area to generate clientele and to help make Niagara Barber Co. the "go to" barbershop in the surrounding area.